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Treasurer's Trove - 20th Annual Sponsored Walk - New Web Site
Apology - Legacies - C I Unit official opening
Beer, Wine and Perry Festival - Bowling Challenge Cup
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Cardiac Nurse Specialist Helpline

Treasurer's Trove

One of the jobs I do in my capacity as Treasurer is complete the donations listings shown in the newsletter. It makes sense for me to do this as I have all the copy letters to hand after taking the relevant cash and cheques from them to the bank. Unfortunately, like most of us, I am prone to make the odd mistake. Any that I do make are often spotted when the copy of the newsletter is proof read, but now and then one sneaks through the net., and when I do make a mistake, it is usually a good one as you will see from the apology mentioned elsewhere on this page.

The reason I mention this in my Treasurer's Trove is that not all the mistakes I make are completely my fault. Sometimes writing is difficult to read, names are omitted, cheques are not signed etc; but like my mistake, none are intentional. I have been doing the newsletter listings for nearly eight years now and this is the first bad mistake I have made, so could I ask you to help me.

Now back to the nitty gritty part of the job. The accounts are still with the accountants, well they are at the time of writing. I am always glad when they are sent back and the report sent off to the Charity Commission in Liverpool. I get a lot of job satisfaction when that’s done.

At the moment, we have one or two large projects going through to completion, the refurbishment of the Cardiology Investigation Department on Floor E in the Yorkshire Heart Centre and then some work on the out-patients department at St James’s. When these are completed, they will make quite a dent in the accounts, but then again, that’s what we are here for isn’t it?

A J McLean,


In the March issue of the newsletter, I erroneously showed an entry in memory of Emma Theresa Jones. I am assured that Ms Jones is well and alive and kicking (I can guess who she would like to kick right now.)

So Emma - I am very sorry for my mistake. I obviously misinterpreted ant instruction which accompanied the donation

A J McLean,


Dear Member or Supporter

This year is our 20th Annual Sponsored Walk which is to be held on Sunday 7th September 2008 in Roundhay Park at 11am.

We are hoping to draw a record number of walkers to mark this special anniversary and of course it would be lovely to raise a record amount for our continued work within the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

I am sure you are aware that it costs a considerable amount to put on the event and we do receive support from various companies and businesses. It is probable that amongst our 8000 members who are spread over many areas of West, North and South Yorkshire, we have many who have their own business or are associated with business. Would you like to support our walk and advertise your business? The centre pages of the newsletter gives details of costs and what publicity your business would receive,

The leaflet would accompany all our sponsored walk mailshots, advertising your support and of course your name would again feature on all documentation about the final amount raised. You will also receive an advertisement on our website at www.takeheart.net and this will remain for a period of six months.

If you feel you would like to support us, please complete the form in this newsletter and return it to us with your cheque. If you have a logo which you would like us to use, please enclose it or e-mail it to [email protected]

However, if you do not wish to participate, donations, however small, are always welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: We promise that if you make a donation, you can be assured you will not be plagued with follow up appeal letters. As always, any involvement is entirely at your choice.

Yours sincerely

Colin Pullan, MBE
Take Heart


Maggie Boyle, the new Chief Executive of the Leeds Hospitals NHS Trust opened the Cardiac Investigation Unit, refurbished by Take Heart. She expressed her gratitude to Take Heart for the tremendous work they have done, not only in providing superb surroundings for the Cardiac Investigations Unit, but over the whole of the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

For more photographs of the event, please click here


We are delighted to inform members that our web site has been updated and is now online. The new address is


You’ll find lots of interesting information about Take Heart and the work we do to make a difference to the patients in the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

Two notable inclusions on the site are

(1) The ability to make donations to the Take Heart Charity immediately, using your credit or debit card. Special arrangements have been made with ‘Charity Choice’ who have an agreement with the Co-operative Bank so that every penny of every donation will be paid to Take Heart – with no deductions whatever. Other charity donation systems on the internet take a percentage of every donation – so we are very grateful indeed to Charity Choice for this super system.

(2) A sponsorship system has been set up and our first few are already online. This system is available to those fantastic people who are taking part in an event and wish to donate their sponsorship to Take Heart. Each person has a special page and their sponsors can donate directly using the ‘DONATE’ button on our web site.

The web site is updated regularly – in fact, photographs of our 20th Sponsored Walk in Roundhay Park on 7th September will be up on the web site before the evening of that same day – so if you are participating, be sure to visit the site later to see yourself!

Thanks for reading this – and don’t forget to visit

Bill Stevenson


Legacies provide a valuable source of income to Charities. Latest figures show that total income to charities from Wills exceeds £1.5 bn per annum. For some of the larger charities this can amount to over a third of annual income.

When making your Will you may wish to give a legacy to Take Heart. Even a very modest amount would assist with our fund-raising. Currently annual legacy income for Take Heart is on average less than 1% of total funds raised.

One advantage of leaving a legacy to Take Heart is that the Value of the legacy is completely free of Inheritance Tax (the tax which applies to the value of your estate on death).

Specimen wording for a legacy is, as follows:

“I give a legacy in the sum of £ Free of tax to Take Heart of the Yorkshire Heart Centre F Floor, Jubilee Building, The General Infirmary at Leeds, LS1 3EX, Registered Charity No 1002063 to be applied for its charitable purposes and I declare that a receipt of the treasurer or other authorised official for the time being of the said charity shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees”

When making your Will why not take this newsletter to your solicitor and include a legacy in your Will to Take Heart?

Tom Morrish
Custodian Trustee

Morrish and Co Solicitors offer a free initial advice service to Take Heart members – Contact 0113 250 7792(Tom Morrish – Yeadon) 0113 245 0733( Zoe Nicholson –Leeds) or 0113 257 0523(Charles Clough –Pudsey)

Beer, Wine and Perry Festival

Member Mr James Eldrige nominated Take Heart successfully to be the chosen Charity at the Leeds Camra Beer wine and Perry Festival held at Pudsey Civic Hall on the 13th March to 16th March 2008. The event raised for Take Heart a total of £243-89. Thanks to James and the Festival Organiser Mr David Dixon and all who generously made donations

Colin Pullan


Take Heart v Rawdon Bowling Club at Rawdon

Any one wishing to bowl in the Take Heart Team
Please contact me on 01274 882034

Jack Calvert
Asst Treasurer


Trustees have decided to propose to members an amendment to
Paragraph no 5.
Executive Committee
To alter the number of Trustees to 30 including the 6 executive positions

This will be voted on at the AGM 2008



May 24th 2008

August 16th 2008

November 22nd 2008

February 21st 2009

These all start at 10am and go on to 12 noon in the Seminar Room on F Floor, Jubilee Wing LGI. There is usually a short General Meeting after the Coffee Morning. So come along have a chat and a cup of coffee.


Bowls June 8th 2008 this has now been cancelled

AGM June 9th 2008

Annual Trip June 22nd 2008

Sponsored Walk September 7th 2008

Turkey and Tinsel November 8th-9th 2008

Christmas Draw December 6th 2008

Christmas Dance December 12th 2008

Collecting for Take Heart outside IKEA - DATES

These are all on Saturdays and Sundays

19th and 20th July
20thand 21st September
15th and 16th November


July 1st 2008 (Note this change of date)

September 15th 2008

September 30th 2008

November 24th 2008

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Available on Leeds
0113 392 5645(Medical)
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If you require a collection box, or your collection box needs empting.
Contact Jack Calvert on 01274 882 034
Or the Take Heart Office on 0113 392 2888.