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Treasurer's Trove

Many of you won't know that after I have completed and banked the monies from the various forms of donations, I also compile the donations list for the newsletter and website. At Take Heart, we pride ourselves on the fact that most of the donations are acknowledged in one form or another. I say most, because sometimes it is very difficult to do so and in some instances, the person who is giving the donation doesn't always want recognition. I have just received a donation for £100 from a Mrs Rose Hovet. It was in cash and in a small brown envelope and was just pushed under the office door with no other information. If anyone does know Mrs Hovet or if she reads this, then I would appreciate it if you would supply me with Mrs Hovet's address so I can acknowledge it.I would also like to know what it was for - just a general donation, or is it in memory of someone.

The months have seemed to have gone by quickly again and soon the sponsored walk will be upon us. Thinking about this makes me stop and wonder how generous everyone is by continuing to support us year after year in all we do. Thank you all very much.

A J McLean,



Dear Friends

It's that time of year again when I would ask you to support our annual sponsored walk if you are able.

As you will be well aware, times are difficult and your charity needs as much support as we can get, so please - if you can only get a little sponsorship, your efforts will be so very much appreciated. Don't forget if you are unable to walk, why not ask a family member or friend if they would like to walk on your behalf?

Many thousands of our members have benefitted from the services of the Yorkshire Heart Centre over the years - the improvements and support your charity has made over the years is immense, so maybe you would like to help us continue our work by supporting our walk at this time.

Your generousity and support over th years is why Take Heart is so successful so if you can, please do come along on Sunday 5th September 2010. Hope to see you there.

Following our AGM, your annual report about the performance of Take Heart will be enclosed in your next newsletter and published on the website.

My best wishes to you all.

Colin Pullan MBE


Have you ever wondered who the people are behind Take Heart and responsible for the day to day running of our charity - well, click here to find out


Gina McGawley has been appointed Deputy Chairperson

Stephanie Kaufman has been appointed Secretary

Paul Kaufman has been appointed Membership Secretary


All the Trustees and Volunteers of Take Heart provide their services and time completely free of charge and for this we are very proud. You can therefore rest assured that any money donated will go to the purpose for which it was given. Just occasionally, we feel that these stalwart folk deserve some recognition, so here's a picture of just some of the people responsible for packing this months newsletters and leaflets into the addressed envelopes ready for posting. Thanks folks!

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Most members are aware of the Take Heart web site (www.takeheart.net) which I’m delighted to say is proving very popular with lots of people accessing it for information about our wonderful charity.

I am soon to start another website funded by Take Heart - this time for the Yorkshire Heart Centre. The site will be www.yorkshireheartcentre.com. The Centre is one of the foremost institutions of its kind in the country and we want to tell everyone about it. I have been a patient there on several occasions and without being melodramatic, owe my life to the fantastic dedication of the staff. In discussions with the senior staff of the Centre, we would like to document everything which goes on there and I need your help because we want to provide a website which contains feedback from patients.

We would like to know your views on the Yorkshire Heart Centre, based around a Patient Survey. In the first instance, I would be grateful if you would let us know what kind of questions you think should be asked of both new and old patients. The questions should be geared towards providing answers which will help staff know if they are doing things right and where things could be improved. Your feedback will be passed on to the Clinical Director for evaluation.

We hope that the eventual web site will not only publicise the Yorkshire Heart Centre, but will be a useful tool for those patients who are about to be admitted, hopefully allaying fears at what is a stressful time in their lives.

Please e-mail replies to [email protected] or use ‘snail mail’ to:

Survey, Take Heart Office,
F Floor, Jubilee Building, The General Infirmary, LEEDS, LS1 3EX

Many thanks.

Bill Stevenson – Trustee and Web Designer.


Sunday June 13th was the date of our annual day trip this year, our chosen venue being Whitby on the East coast.
The popularity of Whitby was reflected in the fact that it required five buses. Two set off from Pudsey, one from Morley, two from Leeds, one of which picked up members and friends from Bradford.
It was a dry start to the day and our first port of call was Pickering where we were able to sample some refreshment before continuing our journey to Whitby. Sadly the weather deteriorated and it wasn’t long before there were showery outbursts but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we all took advantage of the sea air which whetted our appetites and led us to think of fish and chips! Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and it was a good opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

The passengers voted on next years destination and Southport was the overall winner. Our thanks to Maureen and Arthur Robinson for organising our day which was much appreciated by all.

Clifford Briggs, Trustee


Take Heart have just completed another major project in out-patients on E Floor Jubilee Wing. Hopefully,m this will make visits to this department, often at an anxious time, a more comfortable experience.

The very long waiting area has been completely refurbished with new flooring, lighting and furnishings and we have also funded new furnishings for two consulting rooms.

Whilst arranging this project, I was contacted by Miss Emma Telford, BA, who is a professional photographer. She kindly offered the use of her portfolio for the Yorkshire Heart Centre for the care given to a family member who was a patient in the Centre.

She also agreed to go out on location to take photographs of Yorkshire scenes. Many of these are now displayed along the corridor as far as the ECG waiting area.

Emma has also done photographs for a new waiting area and day room on Ward 19, both of which have been refurbished recently by Take Heart. I was pleased to show Emma and her family around and say a big thank you.

If you would like to look at her work, you can do so on Facebook: Emma Louise Telford (lighthouse em)

Colin Pullan, MBE

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Once again, I was invited to go along to St Lukes to receive a cheque for the sum of £300 which was raised by members of the church, mainly through donations of change and raffles.

Some of the members there have been patients in the Centre and have benefitted from the many facilities provided by Take Heart.

In total over the years, the group have raised the trmemdous amount of £10,600.00 and most of the organising and collections have been done by Mr and Mrs Neville and Jean Jackson for which I would like to say a big thank you.

photo shows the group with Jean holding the plaque and Neville seated.

pic shows Simon Field, Chairman Lidos, Alan Smith, Treasurer Lidos, Colin, Edith McLean and Alec

Recently Colin, and I, together with our wives were invited to the Carriageworks Theatre in Millenium Square to see the LIDOS production of The Little Shop of Horrors. It`s about,....but no, I better not tell you the story otherwise it would spoil your enjoyment of it. All I can say is that once more we were entertained professionally by a team of very talented amateurs. By the time you read this it will be too late to go see the show this time but LIDOS have two more shows in the offing which I recommend that you go to see.

The first show is called 'That`s Entertainment' and contains the songs from the West End and Broadway Theatres. It is on from Thursday the 23rd September to Saturday the 25th September. The next show is the pantomime, 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and is on from the 13th January 2011 to the 22nd of January 2011. Take the family to enjoy plenty of singalongs, booing and hissing, cheering and clapping in this exhilarating ride through Jack`s adventures.

Both these shows will be at the Carriageworks Theatre and can be booked at the box office number 0113 224 3801. Tickets for 'That`s Entertainment' can be booked now and for the pantomime from September.
LIDOS support Take Heart so let`s support them. We have recently received a fantastic donation of £1000 from them

Alec McLean, Treasurer


Following Take Heart being nominated by customers and staff of Waitrose of Otley as one of the charities to benefit from a monthly fundraising effort in support of local charities, I was pleased to go along and receive a cheque for the sum of £477.11.

I would like to thank customers and staff for this lovely donation which will help us in our continued work at the Yorkshire Heart Centre - with a special 'thank you' to the charities committee at Waitrose.

photo Colin, Eve Fford and Mags Bulman


This is Phil Murgatroyd. He's an ex patient of the Yorkshire Heart Centre and has just raised a great deal of money for Take Heart.

Read all about him here

Morrish and Co. Solicitors

As Honorary Solicitors, Morrish Solicitors LLP offers free initial legal advice to our members and their families. To seek advice telephone Tom Morrish (Yeadon Office) on Leeds 0113 250 7792.or Charlotte Bandawe (City Centre) on 0113 245 0733 or Charles Clough (Pudsey Office) on Leeds 0113 257 0523


We now have facilities to take orders for the Take Heart merchandise online. You may pay with your Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card. The system is secure and we never have sight of credit card details here.

You can now even become a member of Take Heart online. Have a look now - you can order the merchandise here. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can still order them by 'snail' Mail from the Take Heart Office.

Bernie Cass


Sponsored Walk Roundhay Park
Sunday 5th September 2010

Tinsel and Turkey
12 to 14 November 2010

Christmas Draw
Saturday 4th December 2010

Christmas Ward Round
Friday 24th December 2010

Trustees Seminar
Saturday 5th February 2011


Available on Leeds
0113 392 5645(Medical)
0113 302 5646(Surgical)
0113 392 5647(Surgical)


If you require a collection box, or your collection box needs empting. Contact Jack Calvert on 01274 882 034
Or the Take Heart Office on 0113 392 2888


If you are able to donate any tombola prizes for the Sponsored Walk stalls, please contact me on 0113 267 0767, or through the Take Heart Office.

Thank you in anticipation for your generous support.

Paul Kaufman, Trustee


Please be sure to let us have full details if you move house so that we can keep our data base up to date for posting out newsletters etc

All collection dates are Saturday and Sunday

AUGUST 14th AND 15th
OCTOBER 16th AND 17th
NOVEMBER 27th AND 28th


These are held in Leeds General Infirmary in
Jubilee Wing on F Floor adjacent to the Take Heart Office
from 10am - 12 noon

Take the lift to F Floor - turn left towards Ward 14
and we're first on the left

Everyone is welcome - please drop in for a coffee and a chat

Saturday 14th August 2010

The coffee mmornings are followed by a short
General Meeting outlining the current work of our charity.

Promotional Stall
In Jubilee Wing

Our promotional stall is in the Reception Area of the
Jubilee Wing every Friday.

We desperately need volunteers to help us run this stall - can you help?

If so, please click

(We've moved a little.... We're round the corner from the hospital Flower/Card/Refreshment Shop in the Reception area)