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NEWS and EVENTS July 2008





Treasurer's Trove - Chairman's Comments
Jack Calvert - Diary Dates - Obituary
Ron Bretherton - Paul Robertson Marathon
Patient Areas at the Cardiac Investigations Unit
St James Hospital ECG Machine
Promotional Stall Dates - Collection Boxes
Cardiac Nurse Specialist Helpline

Treasurer's Trove

Well the AGM is over and out of the way and by the time you read this the account details will be on there way to the Charity Commissioners. I`m always glad when that part of the job is completed. You will receive details of the financial report in one of the future newsletters.

When I first started doing this job it was all pure book-keeping, you know in one side, out the other, take the total of expenditures away from the income and that was the balance. In the first year we only had an income of just over £9,000 and it has steadily increased to todays yearly total of £173,000. We receive monies in all forms of donations and as we become more computerised we receive donations via the internet. I`m not complaining about the method of donations but simple book keeping has gone by the board.

I mentioned in the last newsletter that I complete the donations lists, well at the moment with donations coming from all sources it does become a little difficult to associate them. So whilst there is no problem ensuring the cash is banked I worry that I haven`t put the donation into the right spot. Bear with me I`m working on it.

On a slightly lighter note, do those of us who are young enough or old enough to remember when computers were first introduced to the office? We were told that once we got used to using them, we would have paperless offices. I think those salesmen who sold the idea of computers should look in on my office. Ah well, that's progress for you!

A J McLean,


Following our Annual General Meeting, just to inform you that we will enclose our annual report with a news letter in due course.

On May the 22nd I along with many of the Trustees welcomed the Chief Executive of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS, Maggie Boyle who came along to open our newly refurbished Cardiac Investigation Department. Before the opening I was pleased to take her accompanied by Modern Matron Nellie Metcalf, around Wards 5,7,14,16,17,18,19, and 11 and show her so many of projects that we have completed and the equipment we have bought.

Staff on all the units made Maggie aware of what a major difference your Charity Take Heart had made both to patients and staff like describing the charity as "our Fairy Godmother."

To our own members and supporters I would like to say a big thank you in helping us to achieve so much

Yours sincerely

Colin Pullan, MBE
Take Heart


It is with deepest regret that
we wish to inform you that former
Trustee and Membership Secretary
(1991 - 1996)

Mr Walter Matthews

passed away recently

Our CHRISTMAS (already!) card this year will be "Juggling Santa"

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A Grand Day out
Take Heart Trip to Scarborough June 22nd 2008

“I just blew in from the windy city” as the words of the well known song from Oklahoma goes – well five coaches blew into the windy town of Scarborough on the Take Heart day trip. I believe it was the windiest June day since records began with gusts reaching 60 mph. Though on a bright note it was warm and dry.

Undeterred the hardiest of the day trippers set off with rucksacks to stretch their legs and enjoy the scenery. The majority found their favourite watering hole or café to have an extended lunch break.
Normally on these trips members like to stroll and sit on the sea front hoping to meet members from the other buses to catch up with news etc; perhaps from when they met the previous year but this year, due to the wind, members took to the shopping centres or took advantage of their free bus passes to have a ride along the front. Peasholme Park was a favourite of many but there the sand was blowing in off the beach so it was a short stay so back to the centre for a welcome cuppa at the Harbour Bar or one of the many cafes.

The wind dropped a little in the afternoon as members walked back to the pick up point giving an opportunity to have a last look at the sea views in the sunshine.

All to soon everyone was climbing back on the buses ( after shaking the sand ouit of their ears etc). By the laughter and chatter everyone seemed to have had a good day.

Our thanks to Maureen Robinson for all her hard work in making it a well organised day.

On the journey home everyone voted for next years destination and from a choice of Llandudno, Southport or Blackpool and Fleetwood, Llandudno won the vote so see your there next year.


Morrish and Co, Solicitors

Morrish and Co Solicitors offer a free initial advice service to Take Heart members – Contact 0113 250 7792(Tom Morrish – Yeadon) 0113 245 0733( Zoe Nicholson –Leeds) or 0113 257 0523(Charles Clough –Pudsey)

Assistant Treasurer

Following the election of Trustees, Jack announced that he would no longer be running the Christmas Draw, but would continue in his workj as assistant treasurer. Jack has run the annual draw from 1992 to 2007, which is a remarkable achievement.

I would like to thank him for his dedication in helping Take Heart raise so much over the years. Also I know that Jack would not have been able to do the work involved without the continued support of his wife Brenda and his many friends - my thanks to all those involved.

May I remind all our members to be aware that our Trustee Mrs Pam Wilson will be taking over running the draw for 2008 and of course this will mean that any correspondence to do with the event will be to a new postal address, full details will be announced in the near future.

Colin Pullan, MBE


Following Thoracic Ward 62 recently moving to the new Bexley Wing at St James Hospital, now Ward 84, Take Heart have funded a television for their Day Room and also provided the funds to provide them with their own ECG machine.

Mr Ron Bretherton

Following the election of Trustees at our AGM on 9th June 2008, our Vice Chairman Mr Ron Bretherton stood down from his position, which he had held since 1994. He remains a Trustee however and will continue to be the editor of our newsletter.

I would like to give my thanks to Ron for his support of myself and Take Heart which he has served as Vice Chairman and for his help in bringing together the Kilingback Group to be a part of Take Heart.

I know he will continue to work hard as a Trustee, continuing to make Take Heart the very succesful charity that it is.

Colin Pullan, MBE,


Dear Colin

I am writing to thank Take Heart for funding the refurbishment of all the patient areas in the Cardiac Investigations Unit at the Yorkshire Heart Centre, LGI

It makes such a difference for patients waiting to do so in a comfortable and relaxed area. Thanks to the generosity of Take Heart we have made improvements based on the results of our patient survey. There are new reception desks with wheel chair access so patients can be greeted by staff at the entrance to the department. The seating has been specially designed to help those who have limited mobility. The plasma TV with Life Channel provides information about the Take Heart Charity and healthy lifestyle tips. The artwork has initiated many conversations in the waiting rooms and the 3 fish tanks are focal points enjoyed by patients and staff alike.

The patient information booklet, also funded by Take Heart is welcomed by patients and staff. This describes the tests done in the department with photographs, questions and answers. These are given to patients so they know what to expect when they attend the Cardiac Investigations Unit.

Once again I would like to let you know how much the department appreciates all the hard work done by Take Heart Charity Members and Supporters.

Thank You!

Yours sincerely

Gina McGawley
Clinical Physiology Manager

(For photographs of the opening, please click here)


Hello Colin,

The furniture and reception desk are installed and we have used the new area for almost a week now and it looks great, in fact it shows the rest of the dept up!

I wish to pass on thanks to Take Heart from myself and my staff for the much improved waiting area which is now a pleasure to work in. You must come and have a look.

Kind regards

Nikki Melling
Medical Outpatients
First Floor Chancellor Wing


To Take Heart Charity

At Christmas my uncle Jim was taken seriously ill with his heart, Leeds General Infirmary ICU, heart ward and staff provided him with outstanding treatment and Care. However the charity Take Heart also provided fantastic facilities and support for those of us that weren’t unconscious.

We are immensely grateful for the services they provided and so any donations would be very welcome.

Thank you,

Andrew, (Jims Nephew)


Pictured holding his medal at the end of the 2008 Flora London Marathon is Paul Robertson who raised £1300.00 through his efforts.

His physiotherapist wife Cath, recently of the LGI, persuaded (bullied?) Paul into raising funds for Take Heart only at th elast minute, which makes Paul's total even more remarkable.

Paul, of Wetherby Runners, completed the marathon in a highly creditable 4 hours 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Thank you Paul!



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