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Chairman's Comments

Dear Friends

As we come towards the festive season at the end of our 22nd year, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our members and supporters for the efforts they have made and their generous donations. They allow our charity to make such a difference in supporting the work of the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

My thanks go also to our Trustees, helpers, members and supporters for the tireless efforts and time which they give to Take Heart. The generosity of so many and the efforts you make is so very much appreciated .
To all the staff at the Centre - a big thank you for all the wonderful care you give to your patients and for always endeavouring to bring a successful outcome

At the time when the nights are dark so early, it is cheering to think that by the time you receive this newsletter, it will have started to get a little lighter every day. Your charity as well, hopefully makes the patients journey through The Yorkshire Heart Centre a little brighter
We realise that the coming year will be challenging but with the support you can give, we will always endeavour to fulfil our remit.

So many patients have had marvellous improvements in their health due to the care they have received. Some have not been so fortunate and our thoughts are with you and our hope is for better times ahead. Try to keep cheerful and in good spirits.

Of course our thoughts are always with patients but for those who are unfortunate enough to be in-patients over Christmas and the New Year, some Take Heart members will visit the wards on Christmas Eve with a small gift and a cheery word. Our thoughts are also with the staff - many of whom will be working over Christmas and New Year.

Your trustees and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Colin Pullan MBE

Treasurer's Trove

Another year nearly gone and Christmas will soon be upon us. Isn’t it lovely to make all the preparations for Christmas - but how quickly it goes when it finally gets here. I hope that you have been lucky in our Christmas Raffle this year. It is the second year that we have had a first prize of £500.00, so someone will be lucky and as they say for the lottery – “It could be you!” It`s a really good raffle when you look at it – it has 40 prizes. It has to be good as it is one of our major fund raisers.

Our accounts for the year ending January 2011 were one of the few where the outgoings were more than the incoming and although I don`t complete the present accounts until the end of January 2012, I have the feeling that this years accounts may be the same. We have sponsored some large items of equipment this year (which of course is why we are here). We have money and we are far from being bankrupt, but we may have to tighten our belt for a little while. Sounds a bit like Scrooge doesn`t it?

Do you remember that in my last newsletter I asked if anyone wanted to show any donations given in lieu of sending cards to send them to me before the 14th of November – well there`s only one who beat the deadline - sorry.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my Treasurers Trove over the past year.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

A J McLean

Fund Raising Evening

On Saturday the 29th of October Colin and I, together with our wives, attended a fund raising night on behalf of Take Heart at the Club House of the Old Modernians Rugby Club. There was a Pie and pea supper, an auction, sales of lovely home made cakes, and a raffle - all very well organised. A good night was had by all and the lovely sum of £1730.00 was raised. I would like to thank all the organisers, helpers and friends who helped to raise the donation.

The evening was organised by Jeremy and Andrea Caiger, their daughter Vicki and son Greg along with Reverend Kingsley and Janet Dowling and their son Graham.

Our pictures show the organisers and crew.

Alec McLean





In addition to dozens of TV channels provided free by Take Heart on the bedside TV’s of every Heart patient, we now provide free national Landline telephone calls on the bedside phones as well. One more expense you don’t have to worry about!


Many of you will have spent time in Ward 14 in Leeds General Infirmary. This is the surgical ward where patients will have received heart bypass, new heart valves and many other amazingly wonderful things, performed by a team of brilliant surgeons.

Take Heart has helped to make this ward a showpiece with the best of furnishings and equipment.
However, changes are afoot and Ward 14 is in the process of moving into Ward 15. Ward 15 is currently the Vascular ward and they will be swapping into ward 14. The changes should be made by 5th December.
The removal is a complex affair and Take Heart is heavily involved because the surgical department is close to our hearts (in more ways than one) and we have every intention of making the new surgical ward as much of a showpiece as ward 14 has been.

We anticipate the cost to Take Heart funds will be in the region of £50,000 and with this in mind, we would appreciate it if any of our readers could make a donation to Take Heart for our “Surgical Ward Fund.” Any amount however small will be more than welcome. Do it on the internet at www.takeheart.net and click on the “Surgical Ward Fund” button on the front page, or send it by post to our Treasurer at Take Heart Office, F Floor, Jubilee Wing, LGI, Leeds, LS1 3EX. You can also use your mobile phone to make a donation of up to £10 by sending a text to 70070 with the message TAKE44 followed by the amount – for example, to donate £5, the message should be TAKE44 5

Thank you so much – watch this space for further news on this story.

pic - Senior Sister Helen Rowbotham, Ward 14
Bill Stevenson


Irish historians have found what they believe to be the headstone of the oldest man to have lived.
He was 193 and was called Miles from Dublin


An old woman was sitting on the patio with her husband while sipping a glass of wine.
“I love you so much” she murmured, “I don’t know what I would ever do without you.”
“Is that you or the wine talking?” said her husband.
She replied “It’s me…. talking to the wine”



Have you any questions about cardiology you would like answering professionally? Dr Dominik Schlosshan, Consultant Cardiologist, will be pleased to answer them if you write in to the Take Heart office here in Leeds General Infirmary. Or e-mail them to [email protected]

Please note that Dr Schlosshan cannot reply to you personally – questions and answers will be published in the Take Heart newsletter and on our website www.takeheart.net.

Paul Kaufman

Take Heart Roof Garden

Our roof garden is now closed for major refurbishment and the photographs will give some idea of what a mammoth task it is. We should have the garden open again in the Spring when it will once more come to life and provide a haven of peace and tranquillity from the bustle of the hospital environment.

Take Heart in Torquay

On Friday 11th November 2011 our two coaches left Leeds for our resort . During the journey we had a break, which allowed us to observe the two minutes silence at 11 o’clock.

On arrival at our hotel we enjoyed our evening meal and relaxed, using the free bar and listening to the evening’s entertainment.

On Saturday after breakfast, some of our party went to Plymouth while others stayed in Torquay and by all accounts, everyone had a super day enjoying wall to wall sunshine and a beautiful blue skies.

Sunday morning was again a lovely day and our party went down to Torquay to the Cenotaph
for the Remembrance Parade and Service. We then went to Dartmouth for the afternoon. Some of the group were able to go on board a Royal Navy Vessel to have a look at the interesting preparations of the crew who were preparing to depart the following day to the Falklands.

Over the weekend a raffle was held on behalf of Take Heart and the sum raised will be announced later.

On Monday morning, the weather was cold and windy when we set off on our return journey. On our second break, we called at a hotel for coffee and afterwards I was able to thank Maureen and Arthur Robinson for organising the weekend and present them both with a CD and Chocolates in appreciation. I would like to thank Margaret and Clifford Briggs for assisting Maureen and Arthur once again over the weekend.

Maureen tells me that she will be standing down from organising weekends and I thanked her for giving so much pleasure over the years to so many members and their relatives and friends.

Just a few facts: Maureen has organised day trips since 1993 weekends from1994 and the tasks of making sure everything went to plan over the years has been enormous. Her husband Arthur has always been by her side giving support.


Once again, on behalf of all those who have enjoyed days out and weekends away over the years, a very big THANKYOU to Maureen.

Colin Pullan MBE


We need new trustees to help run our Charity – in fact, we have vacancies for six at the moment.

The trustees are vital to Take Heart and you would find the commitment and work involved very satisfying. Many of you enjoy a better life style, given to you by the surgeons and staff at the LGI, so can you repay them by supporting your charity and consider being a trustee?

The work of being a trustee isn’t demanding. We hold a number of committee meetings (approximately one a month) and other activities we undertake include our promotional stall in the reception area of the hospital selling various items, coffee mornings, collecting days, newsletters plus many other items to promote Take Heart.

Because of the six vacancies we have at present, it becomes hard on the other trustees to cover all the various activities, so this is why we need new trustees.

All the work is voluntary and unpaid but we are fortunate in having the commitment of everyone to ensure the continuation of the worthwhile function of the charity.

Our AGM is in June so why not think seriously about becoming a trustee?
The Chairman and any other trustee would be willing to talk to you about what is involved and if necessary arrange for a visit to one of our committee meetings – without any obligation whatever.

So have we got your attention on this very important message?

Are you going to volunteer as a trustee?

 Please consider this seriously and if you feel you could consider being a trustee, please contact us. The closing date for applications is June 1st 2011.

NB. If you do not wish to be involved as a trustee, would you still like to be involved as a volunteer to help in various functions?

Ron Bretherton


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Take Heart recently changed its method of accepting donations and sponsorship on the internet by signing up with Virgin Money Giving and this is proving to be an excellent move. To donate any amount of money, please click the Virgin icon above.

We have also signed up with Vodafone who kindly allow any mobile phone to make a donation of up to £10 by text message to Take Heart. For example, to donate £3.00, simply text 70070 with the following message: TAKE44 3 (TAKE44 is our code for Take Heart and the 3 is the amount you donate.) There is an immediate reply text to you to say thank you. Vodafone charge us nothing for this service and every penny comes to Take Heart.

Bill Stevenson


We are always on the lookout for new and secondhand books to sell on our stalls. If you would like to donate any books, please give me a ring on 01924 383646 or e-mail us at [email protected] Books should be in new or very clean condition since they may be used within the hospital setting. We can collect them if necessary.
Many thanks.

Ron Bretherton


Have you ever wondered who the people are behind Take Heart and responsible for the day to day running of our charity - well, click here to find out

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Morrish and Co. Solicitors

As Honorary Solicitors, Morrish Solicitors LLP offers free initial legal advice to our members and their families. To seek advice telephone Tom Morrish (Yeadon Office) on Leeds 0113 250 7792.or Charlotte Bandawe (City Centre) on 0113 245 0733 or Charles Clough (Pudsey Office) on Leeds 0113 257 0523

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We now have facilities to take orders for the Take Heart merchandise online. You may pay with your Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card. The system is secure and we never have sight of credit card details here.

You can now even become a member of Take Heart online. Have a look now - you can order the merchandise here. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can still order them by 'snail' Mail from the Take Heart Office.

Bill Stevenson


Christmas Eve Ward Round


Available on Leeds
0113 392 5645(Medical)
0113 392 5647(Surgical)


If you require a collection box, or your collection box needs empting,
contact the Take Heart Office on 0113 392 2888


Please be sure to let us have full details if you move house so that we can keep our data base up to date for posting out newsletters etc


18th February 2012

The coffee mornings are held in Leeds General Infirmary in
Jubilee Wing on F Floor adjacent to the Take Heart Office
from 10am - 12 noon

Take the lift to F Floor - turn left towards Ward 14
and we're first on the left

Everyone is welcome - please drop in for a coffee and a chat

Promotional Stall
In Jubilee Wing

Our promotional stall is in the Reception Area of the
Jubilee Wing every Friday.

We desperately need volunteers to help us run this stall - can you help?

If so, please click

We're round the corner from the hospital Flower/Card/Refreshment Shop in the Reception area)