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Chairman's Comments

Dear Friends

Here we are entering our twenty second year and your charity continues to make remarkable progress in making a difference to all the units we support in the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

However following our annual day seminar to discuss the charities work and look towards the future, one of the items under discussion - and causing some concern - was continuity.

It may not be obvious to our 7000 plus members that many of our trustees including myself are not getting any younger and although we have attracted some younger trustees we are still short of an assistant secretary and assistant treasurer and of course you will appreciate that these two posts require certain skills.

With this in mind we are determined to do all we can to find people to fill these posts. Surely amongst our membership we have many early retirees around 60ish who might like to consider being part of the trustee team in helping to run this successful charity.

So if you have skills in secretarial work, computing or book-keeping and would like to give some time, we would love to hear from you. Come along at your convenience to have a chat and we’ll let you know what is involved. You would be under no obligation.

You can contact our office on Leeds 0113 3922888 or ring me any time on Leeds 0113 2790859 and we can arrange a meeting.

We are also looking for some young blood as volunteers helping out on our stall in the Infirmary on Fridays, assisting by collecting at ‘Ikea weekends,’ helping at our sponsored walk - or whatever comes along.

As you will see by reading your newsletter, we have had quite a few changes and tasks to reorganise but your charity goes from strength to strength in making a big, big difference.

In finishing my comments may I thank you for your wonderful support and wish you all a very happy and healthy year ahead.

Colin Pullan MBE

Treasurer's Trove

I have just finished the accounts for the financial year 2010 to 2011 and it will be in the hands of the auditors by the time you read this. It`s always a great relief when it`s done and I can relax a little.

Over the year we have received donations in many forms but in this report I would like to thank those people who over the year regularly donate on a monthly basis, we are very grateful for their continued support. I would also like to thank everyone who has donated over the last financial year, I know we do our best to ensure that we do acknowledge all donations, but I would like to thank all of you personally.

It is often difficult to acknowledge all donations, usually because we have no name or address of the person who donated, or there is a name and no address. We often receive donations which tell us their name and address plus amount but not what it is for, you know supporting someone, who do like to know how much they have raised for completing a run, swim, walk or cycle ride on our behalf. Then there is people celebrating birthdays, anniversary’s etc; I need this information when I complete the donations lists. Thanks.

Doesn`t the time go quickly? It doesn`t seem five minutes since we were getting ready for Christmas and now it`s nearly three months away. The good thing about it is that the night`s are getting lighter and the days warmer, well there supposed to be. It won`t be long before we put the clocks forward again. I wish I had a watch that does it automatically but I have to wind it on 24hours just to change the days. It`s a bit of a bind at the end of February.

Soon be the AGM – see you – bye.

A J McLean,

It's Goodbye from Lucy and Bernie!

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Two of our Take Heart trustees, Lucy Pinder and Bernie Cass have decided to step down from their positions in our charity. For more than 12 years they have both put their all into the smooth running of the organisation - Bernie controlling the technical side as IT Manager and Lucy organising everything in site! They were both to be found manning our stall in the Jubilee Wing of LGI, ordering the stock, displaying and selling it - one would also find them at IKEA regularly collecting for us.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have both put a great deal of effort into their completely voluntary work for Take Heart and they will be sorely missed.

Our chairman Colin Pullan, MBE, took the opportunity on Christmas Eve to express the grateful thanks of all the trustees to Lucy and Bernie and presented them each with a plaque from Take Heart.


We are always on the lookout for new and secondhand books to sell on our stalls. If you would like to donate any books, please give me a ring on 01924 383646 or e-mail us at [email protected] Books should be in new or very clean condition since they may be used within the hospital setting. We can collect them if necessary.
Many thanks.

Ron Bretherton

The Rotaract Club Of Cleckheaton & District

I was delighted to receive a telephone call from the secretary of the Rotaract Club informing me that Take Heart had been chosen as the charity for which they will be fund raising over the year.

I was pleased to meet Sarah Heptonstall the club secretary and member Sam Wells and tell them about our work and show them some of the projects funded by Take Heart at the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

The first event that was to benefit our charity was a Guys and Dolls casino night held at the Whitcliffe Hotel Cleckheaton to which I was kindly invited.

This was a great event and was enjoyed by all and well supported by Cleckheaton Rotary Club and other Rotary and Rotaract clubs.My thanks to all involved in organizing the event and all who generously helped to raise funds over the evening

Photo Shows from the left - Chris Graham, Sam Wells, Sarah Heptonstall Club Secretary and Roger Durrans, Club President.

Colin Pullan MBE


Maureen Allott contacted us and sent this picture and a wonderful cheque for £1000.00. She explained that she, together with her husband, daughter Miranda and several friends did a sponsored walk around one of the lakes at Rother Valley Country Park. Despite the cold weather, it was a bright day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The walk was in appreciation of all the help they had received from the Yorkshire Heart Centre and Take Heart. Miranda was born with a rare syndrome and was transferred to Leeds for specialised treatment in the adult and children’s Congenital Heart Defect Unit rather than have her operation in Sheffield.
She sends her grateful thanks to everyone concerned at the LGI and to Take Heart for the use of the relatives suite for five nights which saved travelling to and from Sheffield at such a worrying time.

Thank you Maureen – you can rest assured that every penny will be used wisely in making a difference at the Yorkshire Heart Centre.

Colin Pullan, MBE


We are pleased to announce that we are now associated with Virgin Money Giving, a non-profit-making organisation who take donations for charities and organise the collection of sponsorship money online for those who are taking part in an event for charity.

We have always been reluctant to join any of these services since the charges they make to the charities and the subsequent huge profits made goes against our voluntary ethic. It was refreshing to find that, after an initial one-off payment to sign up to the service, nothing else is deducted from the contributions made to Virgin. They even collect Gift Aid for us from the government so that we receive well over £12.00 for every £10.00 donated. Thank you Mr Branson!

If you would like to make a donation to Take Heart using your credit or debit card, the simple way to do it is to click on this logo:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

However, if you aren’t happy about using the internet, you can always use the old fashioned ‘snail mail’ to our office in LGI!

Bill Stevenson
Trustee and Web Designer


Plumbing Trade Supplies held a competition for all its employees with a prize of £500.00 which would be donated to any charity of the winner’s choice .

Mr Gordon Whitaker of PTS Hunslet branch, was fortunate to win and because a close relative had recently had heart surgery at the Yorkshire Heart Centre and he was aware of the Take Heart charity and the work that it does, he chose our charity to benefit.

I was pleased to meet the Area Director of PTS Along with the Manager and Gordon and his wife June to receive the cheque.

Following the presentation it was my pleasure to show them round some of our recent projects. I would like to thank PTS for this lovely donation and Gordon and his wife June for choosing our charity.

Colin Pullan MBE

Photo shows from the left: Gordon Whitaker (prize winner,) his wife June, Steve Jennings (Branch Manager) and Tom McArdle (Area Director PTS.)


Janine Atha and Peter Mackley are two medical students from Leeds University who have designed a card for pregnant women who have congenital Heart Disease. The cards will be issued and carried by these patients in case of emergency. Dr Kate English and Nigel Simpson were pleased to put these cards into operation.

Bill Stevenson.

Photo shows from the left: Jo Quirk (Nurse Specialist), Peter Mackley, Janine Atha and Gina McGawley (Head of Clinical Physiology - Cardiology and Respiratory)


A couple of our members, Adela Illingworth (for her mum) and Maureen Stankiewicz (mitral valve replacement November 2009) are organising an event to raise money for Take Heart at Northowram Library Children’s Centre. Northowram, Halifax on Monday 28th March 2011 from 7am – 7pm.

Adela writes: My mom had replacement mitral valve surgery in the 1980s after childhood rheumatic fever and was given a short life expectancy without surgery. She underwent surgery by Mr Ionescu at LGI and was one of the first people to have a ‘calf valve’ replacement. This valve amazingly remained in ‘working order’ until 2008 when she became very ill, was unable to breathe without oxygen therapy and couldn’t walk further than a couple of yards and then in great pain and distress.

I learned of Take Heart when my mom had a long stay in LGI in November 2009. Mr Munsch, a most wonderful surgeon, agreed to surgery on my mom. This was the beginning of a long and bumpy ride to recovery. I noticed the little red heart with the smiley face dotted around the heart unit. When you despair and don’t know where to turn, there is the smiley face. Take Heart have provided quiet rooms for patients and families. A most welcome place to go and gather your thoughts and strength at any time you feel the need. They have provided free bedside TV for all heart patients and even relatives rooms free of charge for overnight stays. They are the most amazing group of people, understanding and caring for patients and their families and are reassuringly ‘there for you at all times.’

So many people are touched in some way by heart disease and after discovering Take Heart and the fantastic surgeons and all the staff at the Yorkshire Heart Unit at LGI, I feel that by having our Take Heart Day at Northowram Library in Halifax, we can have fun as a community and help a very worthy cause.

I want to say a big thank you in advance to everyone who has given donations, time, beauty skills, baking expertise (Jane Ashers one and all!), help and friendship. All proceeds from the day will go to Take Heart – the small charity with the big heart.

Adela xxx

It sounds like you’ll have a really good time if you attend. Reading through the list, there will be mini Manicures, Tombola, Bottle Stall, Jamie Oliver Prize Draw, Bookstall, Bric-a-Brac, Bring and Buy, Mother’s Day plants and cards, cakes, buns and biscuits, cream teas and refreshments available all day – with lots for the children to do as well.
Please give your support – We are very grateful for this tremendous effort by two of our members.

Bill Stevenson, Trustee.

Mrs Maureen Robinson

For many years, Maureen has organized our annual day trips and bought in the presents for patients for our Christmas eve ward visits. However, she has decided that she would like be relieved of these tasks, but would like to continue to serve as a trustee.

I would like to say a big thank you to Maureen for all the hard work and efforts she as made over the years and also mention her husband Arthur who always helped out in the background.

Of course I am pleased that Maureen will continue as a trustee giving her time in the interests of the Take heart Charity.

Colin Pullan MBE


Dear Colin

Following our telephone conversation regarding the fundraising event I am organising, may I confirm that this event will be on the 7th may 2011

The first part is a Go-Karting race at Teeside Go-Karting in Middlesbourgh. This is the largest Go-Kart track in Europe and is 1.4 miles long. This is on twin engined 70mph Go-Karts.

The race starts at 11am and the cost is £65.00 per driver with the race costing £50.00 per driver and the remaining £15.00 going to Take Heart.

Anyone is welcome to race but we need names and deposits as soon as possible and the remainder of the balance by 1st May 2011. If anyone wants to come and needs transport they can contact me for info as we may be able to help with lifts.

The second part is a race night at the Travelers Rest pub in Armley at 7pm on the same night. This will entail recorded horse races and then you bet on the race to win prizes. Any money made then goes to Take Heart. There will also be raffles and other events on the night and all proceeds will go to Take Heart.

Anyone interested can contact me through my email at [email protected]

Thanks very much.

Marc Hudson

Day Trip Southport

At our last trustees meeting, we discussed the organisation of the day trip following Mrs Maureen Robinson standing down from this task. We asked if any trustee would care to take this on, but the time taken for this was too onerous for any trustee at the present time.

Our Treasurer, Alec McLean said he would ask his wife Edith and she has agreed to try it for a year and see how it goes. The trustees are in full agreement with this arrangement.
Thank you so much Edith.

In this news letter you will find a booking form and you will notice that the fare has gone up to £10.00 this is the result of the coach hire increasing.

Please return your booking form as soon as possible. If the form is mirring from the newsletter, you can get another by telephoning our office on Leeds 0113 3922888 and leave a message giving your name and telephone number.

Colin Pullan MBE


Have you ever wondered who the people are behind Take Heart and responsible for the day to day running of our charity - well, click here to find out

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Morrish and Co. Solicitors

As Honorary Solicitors, Morrish Solicitors LLP offers free initial legal advice to our members and their families. To seek advice telephone Tom Morrish (Yeadon Office) on Leeds 0113 250 7792.or Charlotte Bandawe (City Centre) on 0113 245 0733 or Charles Clough (Pudsey Office) on Leeds 0113 257 0523

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We now have facilities to take orders for the Take Heart merchandise online. You may pay with your Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card. The system is secure and we never have sight of credit card details here.

You can now even become a member of Take Heart online. Have a look now - you can order the merchandise here. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can still order them by 'snail' Mail from the Take Heart Office.

Bill Stevenson


Annual General Meeting
Monday 6th June 2011

Day Trip to Southport
Sunday 12th June 2001

Sponsored Walk in Roundhay Park
Sunday 4th September 2011

Tinsel and Turkey
12 - 14 November
(To be arranged)

Christmas Draw
Saturday 3rd December

Christmas Eve Ward Round


Available on Leeds
0113 392 5645(Medical)
0113 392 5647(Surgical)


If you require a collection box, or your collection box needs empting,
contact Jack Calvert on 01274 882 034
or the Take Heart Office on 0113 392 2888


Please be sure to let us have full details if you move house so that we can keep our data base up to date for posting out newsletters etc


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13th August 2011
19th November 2011
18th February 2012

The coffee mornings are held in Leeds General Infirmary in
Jubilee Wing on F Floor adjacent to the Take Heart Office
from 10am - 12 noon

Take the lift to F Floor - turn left towards Ward 14
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Everyone is welcome - please drop in for a coffee and a chat

Promotional Stall
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Our promotional stall is in the Reception Area of the
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