The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART WE HAVE A NEW KITCHEN thanks to some lovely people
We have some super suites for relatives who can stay for free if they are out of town and have a loved one undergoing surgery in the Heart Centre. They are all decorated and furnished superbly, but were let down by the kitchen. Mr and Mrs Worker from Thorpe Willoughby have a young son, Adam, who is now a year old. He had surgery in the Children’s Heart Surgery Department of the Infirmary and we are pleased to report that he is doing well and is back home with his parents. Mr Worker used to work with Howden Joinery Ltd. in Hull who maintained an interest in Adam’s welfare. The company decided to donate a complete kitchen to the relative’s area and this has now been installed. To say that it is an improvement is an understatement and we are deeply grateful for this unbelievably generous gift which will make such a difference to future guests in the relative’s area. Thank you so much to all concerned. We are thrilled and delighted. Colin Pullan, MBE Chairman P.S. This is what the kitchen looked like before the new installation.