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treasurer’s trove All the accounts for the year 2013 to 2014 have been audited and are safely back with me. I have sent all the details to the Charity Commission and I am now in the process of preparing my speech for the AGM so I can let you all know then how we have fared this year. It’s amazing how things have changed since I wondered what their connection was. Alfe I became treasurer in the distant past. That Boe has performed with them and there is a was when all donations were either cash window on their website where he is singing or cheques, now we have on-line donations with them and they are very good. I sent an and donations via your phone and of course e-mail to the concert Secretary and I have bank transfers. In fact I was reading an received the answer which states that the article which stated that people only use donation was actually sent to us in error. cash for 17% of purchases and the rest is One of their members is associated with the card. Makes you wonder why the Royal a charity in Southend on Sea called Take Mint is bothering to change the pound coin, Heart Southend and somehow or other the although to be fair there are a number of donation was sent to us in error. forged pound coins about. I used to be able to spot them easily at one time but now they The choir raises money for a lot of charities have become so good it is quite difcult. I in the area and the Concert Secretary says wonder how many there are in circulation, that they now have a much wider reach and it’s obviously a big enough problem for the hopes that we can make use of the money. I will now write to say a big thank you to them. Royal Mint to change the coin. If anyone wants to know more about them I have received a donation from Leigh their website is Orpheus Male Voice Choir and I was a bit Thank you - and I hope to see you all at the mifed that I couldn’t acknowledge it. On AGM in June. their website it shows that they are in the Southend on Sea area and they are a big Alec McLean choir who have been going for some time. They did a concert and raised £146.65 which is excellent when you consider the distance they are from Leeds.
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