The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART FAN-tastic ! !
Take Heart were delighted to supply ten further Dyson Fans – this time to Heart wards L16, L20 and Cardiac Intensive Care, Ward L5. “What’s wrong with ordinary fans?” I imagine some people ask. Well ordinary fans with spinning blades have been used in the past, but their design means that they collect dust and blow it everywhere. They are also extremely difficult to clean. These superb Dyson fans are controllable and can be adjusted from high speed down to a gentle breeze – and they have no blades, making them easy to clean in the sterile hospital setting. Hospitals have to be kept warm, but some patients find heat oppressive and these fans are the answer to a prayer. To say the staff are pleased would be an understatement – and we are even more pleased to continue our remit of making life a little more pleasant for patients and staff in the Heart Centre. Thank you to Lisa at Dyson for giving us a discount on this order – much appreciated! Bill Stevenson
Intensive care ward L5: Staff Nurse Alice Klenk, Colin Pullan, Charge Nurse Simon Abbatt and Bill Stevenson
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Unpacking the fans: Bill, David Shortland (One of the two
sponsors of the Take Heart sponsored walk) and Colin
Staff Nurse Sarah Dykes in Coronary Care Ward 20
Colin - “Now you push this button here....”
Surgical ward L16: Staff Nurse Rachel Chambers, Janie Stockill,
Adam Bird, Julie Tindall, Colin and Bill
We were delighted to respond to further requests for Dyson Fans and delivered
more to Ward L14, Ward L18 and Ward L19
Ward L18 - Colin Pullan, Dr Olivia Kent
and Staff Nurse Dennis Vila
Ward L14 - Bill Stevenson, R/N Jennifer Leach
and Alec McLean
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