The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
RETIREMENT PRESENTATION to Dr John Perrins MD BSc FRCP FACC Colin Pullan with Dr Perrin click to enlarge In the early years of Take Heart, Dr Perrins was instrumental in ensuring that Take Heart became established and he encouraged the growth of the charity into the professional organisation which is has become. Dr Perrins also helped to make the Yorkshire Heart Centre a leading centre of excellence in the UK and his skills were recognised throughout the world. He brought many new cardiological procedures to the Centre. Over the years, Dr Perrin has looked after many members of Take Heart and their families and we owe him a great deal. We are more than pleased to recognise his contribution to Cardiology and to Take Heart and at a presentation ceremony in LGI, our chairman, Colin Pullan, paying tribute to Dr Perrins, took great pleasure in presenting him with a personal plaque and another to be placed on the roof garden alongside a similar one to Mr Philip Kay, the consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who retired recently. The presentation was attended by many Take Heat Trustees and friends together with medical and surgical staff of the Centre. Dr Perrin replied to Colin Pullan’s remarks by expressing his sincere admiration for Take Heart – the benefits the charity provides and the dedication of the Trustees and others who give their time to ensure the continuity of work for the benefit of patients in the Yorkshire Heart Centre. He also mentioned proposals in the offing which would greatly add to the coffers of Take Heart and we hope to report on that exciting news in the near future. We give him our very best wishes for a long and happy retirement with his wife Lisa. Bill Stevenson
Trustees, friends and medical staff on the Take Heart roof garden with Dr Perrin and his wife Lisa click to enlarge