The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in Leeds General Infirmary 11th June 2012
Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary
Treasurer giving the financial news
Presentation to Michael Sowden for 20 years service as trustee
Presentation to Alex McLean for 20 years service as treasurer
Presentation to Maureen Robinson for 20 years service as trustee
Presentation to Pat Harrison in memory of Trustee,George Harrison who recently passed away
Plaque to be sent to Donald Wallis Custodian Trustee
Presentation to Cliff Briggs retiring as trustee
Plaque to be sent to Ron Peters on his retirement as Trustee
One of our volunteers accepting certificate of appreciation to Ron Bretherton for 20 years service as Trustee. Ron was indisposed and unable to attend
Presentation to Margaret Briggs retiring as trustee
Jo Wood, Directorate Manager with Senior Sister Helen Rowbotham
Presentation to Pat Harrison for service as Secretary and Trustee
Helen Rowbotham
Dr Greg Reynolds Clinical Director - Cardiology and Repiratory Medicine
Dominik Schlosshan Consultant Cardiologist
The Annual General Meeting of Take Heart took place in Leeds General Infirmary on Monday 11th June 2012. Members of the charity together with some trustees and members of staff of the hospital attended. Chairman, Colin Pullan, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and said that with great pride, he could report after twenty three years of operation , the Take Heart Charity performed to a very high standard, fulfilled its remit and achieved yet again, another successful year. “Although like many charities,” he said, “we suffer from the current financial climate as you will hear in our Treasurer’s report, through the dedicated efforts and skills of our Trustees and generosity of our members and supporters, we have achieved so many things and yet again helped to give patients and visitors the highest standards of comfort and facilities during their stay or visit to the Yorkshire Heart Centre.” Colin said that, over the years, we had received thousands of letters of appreciation and donations, praising the lovely facilities provided by Take Heart and he was pleased to outline some of the new projects which have been completed throughout the last year. These included a new waiting area on Ward 19 together with a new nursing station and interview room. Many alterations have been completed on Ward 17 and we have refurbished all the staff rest rooms in all our units. Specialised heart failure chairs have been provided for Wards L17 and L18. Many other major projects have been commissioned in the last year which were not completed by our year end but the funds have been set aside to finish these projects. Colin concluded his report by thanking all the Trustees, volunteers and fundraisers who have worked so hard and those who have made donations in so many different ways which allows the charity to continue its work. Our treasurer, Alec McLean then presented his report and gave details of the accounts from 1st February 2011 to 31st January 2012. He said “Our income for this period was £314.934.00 which despite the recession is £138,039.00 more than last year. This is mainly because of the legacies we have received. I am sure you will agree that this is a superb sum but even so, overall there are one or two areas of disappointment. The actual donations amounted to £234,917.00 and were £129,745.00 more than the last financial year. The ‘In Memory Of’ donations were up by £2304.00 at £44,054.00. Read into that what you will, but I think that the charity is so well known we are more often being recommended by funeral directors and people are also becoming more generous. Income from boxes was £3748.00, up by £1002.00 whilst small change boxes brought about the same as last year – well, up by £7.26 which was probably one box difference. The Christmas draw raised £10796.00 up by £727.00 and the cabaret raised £4068.00 The sales of Take Heart goods was also up by £1151.66 which is very encouraging.” Alec continued by outlining the disappointments for the year. He said: “The biggest one was the sponsored walk. This year we raised £5,502.00 - down on the previous year by £2838.00. This was probably the lowest we have taken since ‘I was conned into becoming the treasurer in 1992’. The income from raffles was down and this is due in the main to the fact that we can`t now sell them on the buses on the trips we organise. We are not allowed to walk up and down the aisles. Ah for the days before Health and Safety !! “ “Membership was down by £30.00. I think it may be back up again this year, because if you talk to our trustee Jeremy Caiger, don`t let him shake your hand or before you know it you`ll be a member! The rest of our income more or less stayed the same as last year give or take a bob or two.” The treasurer then outlined the expenditure and highlighted an increase in magazine postage – up by £3717.00 – due entirely to him. During a senior moment, he inadvertently ticked ‘Recorded Delivery’ when sending them out – and was charged for this – although they went second class as usual. However, he now has a credit from the Post Office for this so he’s well and truly forgiven… Alec then outlined the expenditure made to the hospital. He said “I’m glad this went up – after all that’s what we are here for. We donated £285,856.00 this year against £176,942.00 a difference of £108,913.00. Apart from all our usual purchases like leaflets, fish tanks, Free TV and phone calls and internet, Christmas gifts, tea, etc. for rehab patients, we have bought some hi-tech equipment like two echo machines at £55,000 each. We have also spent money refurbishing wards and generally making life more comfortable for all.” He said that ‘miscellaneous’ was very high this year. It included all insurance policies required to cover Take Heart and its Trustees, Accountants fees, Solicitors fees, a streaming TV advertising 4 year contract for the catheter labs waiting area at a cost of £3600.00. Also the bank made an incorrect entry on our statement of £1465.18 which was shown in the ‘misc’ amount which is why it is high this year. Personal expenses were below 1% of the income. Alec said that for the second year in succession, we have paid out more than we have taken in, so it might mean a tightening of the belts for a little while. He then thanked all the people who have raised money in so many different ways over the past year and hoped they would agree that it had been spent wisely. Colin then introduced Jo Wood, Directorate Manager – Cardiology. Jo made several presentations including some to various trustees who had completed 20 year’s service. Jo then went on to express appreciation for the work that Take Heart do saying “You must never underestimate the effect that you have on the department.” She particularly mentioned a recent completed project – the room which has been created in the Catheter Labs area with comfortable recliner armchairs, dressing room and television where patients who do not need admission when having pacemaker box changes or angiograms etc. can relax after their procedures. This frees up beds on the ward for other patients who require them. She spoke of the visit to the project by the Trust Chief Executive, Maggie Boyle who expressed her delight at the work which had been done. Jo then introduced Helen Rowbotham, the senior sister on surgical ward L16 (formerly ward 14.) Helen spoke about the changeover when ward 14 was moved into ward 15 and became ward L16. That ward was dull and dark and the fittings and furnishings were old and it was a little depressing. However, Take Heart took over and supplied furniture, fittings, reception area, staff room and lockers, computer equipment – in fact, a complete refurbishment which had the effect of transforming the ward which now looks brand new. Helen said “I have worked in LGI for twenty one years and I honestly do not know what we would do without Take Heart.” Jo Wood then introduced Dominick Schlosshan, consultant cardiologist. Dominick said that he had spent a number of years at LGI and he has seen the effect of Take Heart on the patients who pass through. He said “I think it is fantastic what you all do and I can assure you that you make a huge difference to patient experience at LGI and indeed St James’s. I am a consultant with echo cardiology and I am here to thank you on behalf of my department as we have benefitted greatly from the generosity of Take Heart – particularly the recent donation of two echo machines at a cost of £55,000.00 each which has made a tremendous difference.” Dominick then demonstrated in a slide presentation, some of the work which these machines do and the real difference they have made to diagnosis and surgical work. This was a really fascinating talk and much appreciated by the audience. The AGM was rounded off by a brief talk by Dr Greg Reynolds, Clinical Director of Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine. Once more, Greg praised Take Heart for the effort they make in improving the patient experience in the department. He went on to talk about recent changes in personnel – the two hard working consultant cardiologists who had recently retired - and who incidentally are being replaced by three - which may show how hard the outgoing surgeons worked! He talked about the pressures on the department, particularly Ward 19 and then went on to the innovative surgical work being undertaken in the heart department. For example, heart valves can now in some cases be replaced without open heart surgery and the Yorkshire Heart Centre is one of the few hospitals in the country where this is done. He concluded by thanking Take Heart again for their continuing high standard of support. Bill Stevenson
< < Colin paid a visit to the home of Don Wallis later in the month to make a presentation on his retirement as a trustee after 20 years service