The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART Sue Rowley and the Fairburn Singers
Sue’s story: On 30 December I collapsed in the lane outside my house and was taken to A&E at Pinderfields. Told I had a heart murmur and recommended that I should have an Echocardiogram, which would take several weeks to arrange. Sent home after advising that I could travel by air. Visited Spain for a 6-day holiday. Finally received Echo appointment for 8 March. We flew again on 5 February to Amsterdam to celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary. Next day we had booked tickets for the Van Gogh museum. Were very careful to use lifts and avoid situations that made me breathless. However, on returning to hotel felt unwell and eventually a local GP was called. He listened to my heart murmur and got straight on to the cardiologist at the local hospital who requested I should be admitted. Went by taxi to hospital and straight onto Cardiac Ward. Next day given an Echocardiogram and finally a diagnosis of Acute Aortic Stenosis with Syncope - a complete surprise to my husband and myself. There was talk of operating there and then, but we wanted to return to the UK. The Cardiologist agreed, but only if we did not fly! Then began a long journey. We booked a taxi to take us from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and a ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. Our son had to collect our car from the car park at Leeds-Bradford airport. Our daughter came to pick us up in Hull at 8 am on Saturday morning only to find that the ship was unable to dock because of Storm Ciara and we had anchored back out at sea until it was safe to land. However, we had asked for assistance getting off the ship and when the staff found out I was ill, I was in trouble for not disclosing this when we boarded. We were told that 4 people onboard had registered showing their title as Dr, but could be any type, and if I felt unwell they would start knocking on doors. Obviously, being airlifted off was impossible - that really scared us! We spent 8 hours out a sea and finally docked at 4 pm and our daughter, who had returned to Hull, picked us up. She drove us straight to A&E at LGI where I was admitted on the night of 9 February 2020. We finally knew that I was in safe hands! Had to be isolated for 7 days as I had been in a hospital abroad and that's when I was in a room overlooking the Zen Garden. Also on the ward was the Take Heart fish tank, which was much enjoyed by my great-granddaughter. We thought I would be allowed home to await my operation, but no, Mr Elmahdy put paid to that idea - I was going nowhere until he had sorted out my heart valve, which he did on 20 February. Six days later I was discharged and finally made it home. We are so grateful to the wonderful Staff at LGI for their care, at what was the worst time of my life, which they definitely saved. Also to Take Heart for all the work they do at the hospital. I made several trips around the building for tests and these were brightened up by the lovely artwork in the corridors. Unfortunately in February the weather was not conducive to enjoying the rooftop garden. Very many thanks Sue. You’ve been through the mill… Even more thanks for arranging the appeal for Take Heart, If you would like to donate, please click on the link below to go to her page. If you would like to listen to the Fairburn Singers, - click here>>
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