The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
TAKE HEART Michelle Charlesworth
They did it! See Below ------------------------ MY STORY In the blink of an eye your world can fall apart! This is what happened to our friend Rachael and her family. In September last year after becoming unwell her dad John Harris was taken to Pinderfields Hospital from there he was taken by blue light to LGI. He underwent 15 hour operation to repair his aorta and had a triple heart bypass. He spent the next 3 weeks on life support and a week on rehab ward. He is doing amazing now due to the fantastic surgeons, nurses and staff. So please help us raise some money for the LGI charity "Take Heart" Thank you, Michelle ---------------------------------------------------- The event which Michelle, husband Paul and friend Richard Dennison are doing is the 2019 Manchester Marathon in April. Thank you so much for sharing your moving story Michelle and thinking of Take Heart – you will be helping to make a difference to patients, relatives and staff in the Yorkshire Heart Centre in LGI. Please help their efforts by donating on their Virgin page: