The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
Lara Yates
Lara wrote to us as follows: Hi. My name is Lara Yates and I’ll be doing the Manchester 10K on May 20th. I am a nurse at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and recently, one of our friends and colleagues sons was transferred across to Leeds for heart surgery. He has had a very rocky time! On speaking to Karen she couldn’t speak highly enough of yourselves and so a few of us have decided to do the 10K for your charity as a show of gratitude for everything you have done for her and her family. My virgin giving page is: Kind regards Lara Very many thanks Lara and also for your kind words about what we do. Good luck for the event. Bill. ………………… Well - you’ve done it and what a result. With Gift Aid, Virgin have paid into our account, the amazing sum of £1877.36 We are sincerely impressed and thank you so much. We are a strange charity in that every one working for it is a volunteer - official volunteers and trustees. Therefore, every penny raised goes towards making a difference for Heart Patients and relatives and consequently, the staff in the Yorkshire Heart Centre. We love it - and the actions of folk like you help to make it all worthwhile. Thanks again. Bill Stevenson, Trustee - Manager, IT.
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