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      Douglas and Beryl Birkett, who have   as part of a multidisciplinary team.
      sadly passed on, left a generous legacy   During a medical emergency, there is an
      in their will to be spent on equipment   assumption that everyone will perform
      which would be beneficial to the Heart   with 100% efficiency and effectiveness.
      Department in The Yorkshire Heart Centre   This of course requires ongoing training in
      in LGI.                               new techniques and refresher courses.
                                            SIM MAN ensures that any emergency
      Take Heart had been asked to consider the
      purchase of a SIM MAN - a sophisticated   situation can be dealt with effectively.
      computerised life size model of a human   The cheque which was presented to
      which can be programmed to simulate   our chairman, Gina McGawley was for
      innumerable scenarios including       £32,757.39 and Take Heart made up the
      emergency situations. Until now, staff had   difference of the £36.000 price of the
      to travel to Manchester to the catheter   equipment.
      labs medical emergency simulation course   We have no doubt that the possession
      which lasts two days, practicing their skills   of our own SIM MAN will benefit the
      on this piece of equipment.
                                            medical teams now and in the future.
      To ensure patient safety, the staff in the   It will also potentially save lives and we
      labs need to work together effectively   thank daughter Gayle and her brother
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