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      Lately I have been receiving cheques for donations without any details
      other than the payee and the amount. We always try to make sure that
      each donation is acknowledged but sometimes this is not possible. Not
      only that but while we can show the cheque in the donation listings in
      the newsletter, we cannot show it in the correct order.

      We are also getting the same situation   the draw. At the time of writing this report
      with online donations not showing what   I have no idea of the amount raised but I
      it is for. I always feel how nice it is to be   don’t think it will be as good as last year.
      able to show what you generous people   The main reason for this is because the
      send the money for. There are of course   special printer we have, had a little blip
      many different reasons and one of the   about half way through the run and some
      main ones is for all the things that this   500 of you didn’t get your newsletter
      charity has done over the years to make   or any raffle tickets – although which
      a patient’s hospital stay a little more   ones were missing is a mystery to us. In
      pleasant. For those who live quite a way   addition, our letter which accompanied
      from the hospital our free bedrooms for   the distribution of the tickets asked that
      relatives mean that they can be close to   we should receive the ticket stubs back by
      their loved ones when they need them   the 4th of November. I think that should
      most. We are all very proud of what    have been the 24th. Sorry about that.
      we have been able to achieve over the   I would like to thank you all for the
      years. Of course all our thanks go to the   donations we have received over the
      wonderful Consultants, Doctors and     year and also for those of you who sent a
      nursing staff who provided such care and   donation with your raffle ticket stubs.
      comfort to patients and relatives.
                                             Finally I would like to wish you all a very
      You’ll be reading this article at the   Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy
      time when you receive your newsletter   New Year
      together with the raffle results and I
      honestly hope that you have been lucky in
                                             Alec J McLean
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