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      I hope you join me in celebrating some of the successes of the Yorkshire
      Heart Centre in this edition of the Take Heart newsletter.

      We are always keen to support our members and if there is anything you
      would like to see in the newsletter please let us know by contacting us
      by email or phone – [email protected] – 0113 3922888.

      In the last edition of the newsletter,    Next year will be the 30th year the walk
      I promised to provide an update on our   has taken place and we will be planning
      plans for our biggest scheme to date,   some extra special things to celebrate this
      which is to provide a whole new patient   achievement.
      suite for the cardiac catheter labs and   I would like to take this opportunity to
      admission ward L14. I am pleased to say   wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy
      that work has already started and Take   New Year. Take Heart Trustees will be
      Heart Trustees have been involved in both   visiting the Yorkshire Heart Centre wards
      the interior design and the naming of the   on Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to those
      suite. The new unit will be named the   in hospital over the festive season.
      ‘Take Heart Cardiac Suite’ and is due to
      open on 28th January 2018.             Best Wishes
      I hope that those who attended the
      sponsored walk on 24th September
      enjoyed the annual event. This was a
      wonderful event at Roundhay Park,      Gina McGawley
      attended by children, adults and pets, all   Chairman
      were welcomed. We had numerous stalls
      as well as the walk and it was lovely to
      see staff, patients, relatives and friends
      from the Yorkshire Heart Centre coming
      together to support Take Heart.
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