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                   On Monday the 23rd of October my wife Edith and I were invited to
                   Lightcliffe Golf Club by this years’ Lady Captain, Mrs Jane Schofield who
                   presented us with a cheque for £1000.00. This sum was raised on the
                   Lady Captain Day, which is traditionally a day of golf competition plus
                   Dinner. Normally the ladies present the Captain with gifts, but at this
                   dinner she asked for donations to Take Heart in lieu of the gifts.
                   The request was because the Lady Captain’s cousin, Mr Neil Davidson,
                   had suffered a massive heart attack and it was only because his son was
                   over from Australia and administered CPR immediately that he survived.
                   After a spell in Halifax Hospital Neil was transferred to the Yorkshire
                   Heart Centre in LGI for further treatment, including open heart surgery.
                   His recovery took longer than most and whilst in hospital; he was able to
                   see and use some of the facilities provided by Take Heart.
                   Thank you so much Mrs Schofield and everyone involved at the
                   Golf Club.
                   Alec McLean, Treasurer
                   Picture left to right shows Keith Marshall (uncle), Kenneth Davidson
                   (dad) Carol Whitwam, Margaret Marshall, Alec McLean, Neil Davidson
                   (patient) Jane Schofield (Lady Captain), and John Wardingley (President).
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