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      CRAFTY                                CARDIAC LOUNGE

      LADIES OF                             START OF

      NORTHOWRAM                            BUILDING WORK

      On Monday the 23rd of October the
      “Crafty Ladies of Northowram” held their
      annual Christmas Fayre to which Ron
      Bretherton and I, together with our wives,
      went along to support them.
      The ladies had been very busy over the
      previous months making home-made
      gifts, cards, decorations, Christmas cakes
      and presents galore. We invested in a
      Christmas cake and were advised not to
      drive after eating a slice ...
      To date, the event had raised
      approximately £745.00 but the raffle
      (theirs not ours) is open until December
      and the full amount will be announced
      Thanks to all the ladies for their super   Photo shows the building work on the
      efforts in support of the charity.    existing waiting room at the entrance
                                            to Ward L14 which will be the new staff
      Our picture shows some of the Crafty   room. The existing staff room will be
      Ladies with Edith and me.             incorporated into the main Lounge.

      Alec McLean                           I am told that the staff room will be
                                            finished ready for decoration two days
                                            after I took this photo ... then the main
                                            work for the Cardiac Lounge will start.
                                            I am also told that the work will be
                                            completed in January 2018 ready for the
                                            opening at the end of that month.
                                            This is the biggest project ever undertaken
                                            by Take Heart and we can’t wait to see
                                            the end result which will be fantastic for
                                            patients in the Catheter Labs.
                                            Bill Stevenson
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