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Jubilee Quiz

      This year Her Majesty The Queen has become
      the first British Monarch to celebrate a platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.
      Here is a Quiz just for fun.
      1  What date is the Queens birthday?  13  The Queen’s first Prime Minister said
         A  2 April 1926   B  21 April 1296     ‘everyone has his day, and some days last
         C  21 March 1936   D  9 September 1927  longer than others, who was it?
                                               A  Harold Macmillan  B  Anthony Eden
      2  What age was the Queen when she was      C  Harold Wilson   D  Winston Churchill
         A  22   B  24   C  25   D  27      14  The Queen was born at her parents’ house,
                                               17 Bruton Street in, London.
      3  How many great grandchildren does the
        Queen have?                            What is the current use of the premises?
         A  8   B  10   C  12   D  14          A  Chinese restaurant
                                               B  Fish & Chip shop
      4  How many Prime Ministers has the Queen      C  Supermarket
        worked with during her reign?          D  Indian Takeaway
         A  8   B  10   C  12   D  14
                                            15  What breed were the Queens  dogs Bisto,
      5  What year did Princess Elizabeth marry the   Oxo,  and Flash?
        Duke of Edinburgh?                     A  Corgis       B  Retrievers
         A  1944   B  1945   C  1946   D  1947     C  Cocker Spaniels  D  Bassett Hounds
      6  What was Prince Philip’s nickname for the   16  Hosts are advised to avoid serving what to
        Queen?                                 the Queen, as she dislikes them
         A  Lizzie      B  Beth                A  Oysters      B  Mussells
         C  Queenie     D  Cabbage             C  Prawns       D  Snails
      7  The Queen appeared alongside which actor   17  What does Her Majesty keep in a
        in a skit for the opening ceremony of the   Tupperware box, and enjoy at breakfast
        London 2012 Olympics?                  time?
         A  Pierce Brosnan   B  Alan Rickman        A  Weetabix   B  Corn Flakes
         C  Daniel Craig   D  Daniel Ratcliffe     C  Special K   D  Porridge
      8  How many bedrooms are there in     18  Her Majesty’s favourite meal is said to be
        Buckingham Palace?                     afternoon tea, especially when it includes?
         A  48   B  49   C  51   D  52         A  Victoria Sponge
      9  How many horses does it take to pull the      B  Dundee Cake
        Gold Coach?                            C  Chocolate Fudge Cake
         A  4   B  6    C  8    D  10          D  Spotted Dick
      10  The Queen was born in a London    19  On tour the Queen is accompanied by her
        townhouse. In which area Is it?        own supplies of transfusible blood, water
         A  Mayfair     B  Westminster         and?
         C  Marylebone   D  Kensington         A  Toilet Rolls   B  Tea
                                               C  Fresh milk   D  Chocolate Digestives
      11  Where is The Royal Yacht Britannia now
        permanently berthed?                20  Launer of London supply Her Majesty under
         A  Portsmouth   B  Plymouth           the Royal Warrant with which indispensable
         C  The Thames   D  Edinburgh          items?
                                               A  Hats         B  Shoes
      12  Which British actress won an Oscar for her      C  Handbags   D  Spectacles
        portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II?
         A  Judi Dench   B  Helen Mirren
         C  Olivia Coleman   D  Jenna Colman

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