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Left to right: Cardiac Physiologists:
      Zara Patterson, Jesvita D’Silva and      BP Monitors
      Georgina Thompson.

                                               Dear Take Heart,
                                               The ECG team would like to thank you,
                                               the Take Heart members and those
                                               who donate to the charity. We are
                                               grateful for the 8 new blood pressure
                                               monitors that have been funded
                                               through the Take Heart charity. These
                                               monitors are used to assess people
                                               over a 24 hour period, taking their BP
                                               at regular intervals throughout the
                                               day and night. Since the pandemic
                                               we’ve seen an increase in the number
                                               of people who need to have their BP
                                               investigated and these monitors will
                                               allow a prompt assessment and then
                                               treatment if necessary.
      PATIENT                                  We’re very grateful for the support of
                                               the Trustees and also to everyone who
                                               donates, supports and contributes to
      INFORMATION                              the charity. The donation money is
                                               being put to good use!
                                               Best wishes
      VIDEOS                                   The Yorkshire Heart Centre
                                               ECG team

      Sneak preview of the filming for the Take
      Heart funded patient information videos
      which we will share once we receive the
      Directors Cut.

      The pacemaker team have been working
      hard to produce information for patients
      with cardiac devices and includes our very
      own Trustee Paul Kaufman in a starring
      We will keep you informed.

                                               This  is  Rebecca  one  of  our  Student
                                               Healthcare  Scientists  fitting  one  of
                                               the  new  blood  pressure  monitors.

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