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                                                No one likes to think of death,
      Editor's                                  but we have been contacted

                                                recently by several members
                                                asking how to go about leaving a
      comments                                  legacy to Take Heart in their will.
                                                Indeed, we have been touched
                                                and moved by the generosity of
      This is the second Take Heart News        some members who have left us
      of 2022 and whilst we have two more       both small and large amounts.
      editions of the newsletter planned for
      the remainder of the year we intend       When this happens, while
      to keep you all informed regarding the    mourning the passing of our
      activities of the charity through this    friends, the legacies have
      newsletter and on our website                         enabled us to make major
                                                improvements to the Yorkshire
      It was sad to hear of the passing of the   Heart Centre which benefits all
      creator of our charity Colin Pullan MBE,   patients.
      and we share the condolences from
      the Chair and Chief Executive of Leeds
      Teaching Hospitals Trust. To set up a     If you are thinking about
      charity from a ‘blank sheet of paper’ is   mentioning Take Heart in your
      a fantastic achievement, and the work     will and are unsure about
      and benefits achieved will continue to be   procedures, our Honorary
      reported in this newsletter.              Solicitor, Tom Morrish of Morrish
      It was pleasing to see the Annual Trip to   Solicitors, LLP, can provide free
      Llandudno went ahead on 26th June,        initial ‘advice only’ to members
      being the first trip since June 2019; a   prior to any decisions being
      report will be in the next edition of this   made. He can be contacted by
      newsletter.                               telephone at their Yeadon Office
      The Take Heart Office in the Brotherton   on 033 3344 9609.
      Wing of LGI, is now open on a
      Wednesday between 10.00 and 15.00.        Thank you
      I welcome any comments or feedback        Editor
      regarding the newsletter. Please feel free
      to email me on [email protected]
      Trevor Thompson

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