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      Dear Members

      Welcome to July’s newsletter, I am pleased to share the annual reports from our
      AGM held in June in this edition of the newsletter. From the Treasurer’s report
      you will see that we have a healthy balance, thanks to funds raised over the last
      year. We are delighted to share that, as a result of these funds, we have a number
      of schemes approved for 2022:

      •  Complete refurbishment of the roof   Thank you for your continued
       garden                                support, we look forward to
                                             approving more schemes to benefit
      •  Implementation of an automated
       system which will reduce errors,      more patients over the coming year!
       improve accuracy and enable the       Best Wishes
       staff to spend more time with
       patients, this will benefit over 5,000
       extra patients every year
      •  Refurbish staffrooms and patient
       waiting area’s
                                             Gina McGawley
      •  Continue to provide free TV and
       phone calls for patients on the       Chairman
       cardiac wards

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