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diary                              update

      During the last two years our top priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our
      members and those wonderful volunteers who keep Take Heart’s service for the
      Yorkshire Heart Centre operating.
      Included  below  is a  further update  for  information.  If you  have  any questions
      please telephone 0113 392 2888 or preferably email [email protected]

      NEWSLETTERS                            QUIZ NIGHT
      We continue to work hard to maintain   Another Quiz night is planned for
      a printed copy of this newsletter for our   Thursday 1st December 2022. Further
      members. The Take Heart office in the   details will be included in the next
      Brotherton Wing of LGI is now open on a   newsletter.
      Wednesday between 10.00 and 15.00.
                                             TRUSTEES COMMITTEE
      AFTERNOON TEA                          MEETINGS
      The monthly Afternoon Tea sessions in the   Commenced in March 2021 on a ‘virtual
      Take Heart Seminar Room on F Floor of   basis’ and we continue to meet on a
      Jubilee Wing, next to the Yorkshire Heart   monthly basis.
      Centre wards, remain cancelled until
      further notice. Once anything changes we   GRAND CHRISTMAS DRAW 2022
      will let everyone know via our website and   This will be the first draw since 2019
                                             and details will be included in the next
                                             newsletter and on our website www.
      SPONSORED WALK               
      This years’ event has unfortunately been
       Although we are working our way
      cancelled. Planning starts now for next
       back to ‘business as usual’ following
      year’s event.
       the pandemic, we have had to cancel   We will keep all members informed of any
       this years sponsored walk. We are     changes; as always please continue to stay
       disappointed as the walk is always a   safe.
       good opportunity to meet members
       and friends who support our charity.  Trevor Thompson
       The planning starts now for a         Editor
       sponsored walk in 2023.
       We will keep everyone informed via the
       website and this newsletter.

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