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walk in 1990 and some     We packed them in Colin’s kitchen
                  were in fancy dress. In   and had fish and chips afterwards.
                  fact, Colin was a ballerina,  When we had the Sponsored Walk in
                 dressed in a yellow outfit.   Roundhay Park we had all different
               I think that because they    kinds of stalls, (an emporium, cake
             had had their hearts repaired   stall, plant stall etc.) and we invited the
         they would look at life being “now”  Lord Mayor of Leeds. Colin was always
      and “there to be lived to the full”. A   there early and arranged the various
      Take Heart monthly walking club was   things that were happening. He had
      formed which lasted until 2019. The   arranged for us to be sponsored by
      walks proved very popular, especially   M&D Foods, who always brought a
      when Colin came around egging         big wagon which they parked up near
      everybody on.                         our stalls with a pianist on the back.
                                            We also used the wagon as a stage to
      They decided on a “once and for all”
      payment for membership of £1.50 –     speak to the people there.
      and that remains until this day. Colin   In the early years we didn’t use the
      would argue that this small payment   mansion, apart from using the toilet
      was one of their better moves and     facilities. We also use to have “a
      so it was proved to be when the club   celebrity you know”, for example a
      membership continued to increase.     Look North newsreader or similar from
      Colin had now moved from Secretary    ITV. Unfortunately, over the years the
      to Chairman, a position he held until   number of members and their families
      his retirement. The Take Heart charity   became less and less. Who knows,
      went from strength to strength and    maybe they will come back after
      early in its formation started having   Covid?
      a few days away around Christmas      Colin spent a lot of time at the LGI
      time.  These trips were fabulous and   and was very well liked – I could even
      one year we would go to the East      say loved. He was a tireless worker for
      Coast and the following year to the   Take Heart and gave a lot of his time to
      West Coast. We had our own Father     the charity. In October 2002 Colin was
      Christmas (ordered specially), we     awarded the MBE by HM The Queen
      played games (table tennis, dominoes,   in Buckingham Palace. It was only in
      darts and pool) or we made our own    the last couple of years that his health
                                            started to fail and he retired from
      We continued to fund raise and our    Take Heart, becoming our Chairman
      Sponsored Walk and Christmas Draw     Emeritus, a position he held until his
      became regular fund raisers. We had   death on 7 April 2022.
      Newsletters but in the beginning      Take Heart was Colin and Colin was
      they were typed and copied, then      Take Heart. Rest in Peace mate.
      we packed them into envelopes and
      distributed them to our members.      Alec McLean, Treasurer

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