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                                                     1   MAY  1932  -  7   APRIL  2022

                                                     THE  END

                                                     OF  AN


          olin had a heart bypass           Each time they met they finished the
      Cin the latter part of 1988.          night off with a drink in the local pub.
      In those days there was no            When the course finished they felt that
                                            they should not lose touch with each
      rehabilitation and very little        other, so they decided to form a club,
      follow-up. A little cash from         the idea being that they would fund-
      Mr. Kay and the help of nursing       raise for the Cardiac Wards – thus the
      sister Carol Bourke made it           Take Heart club was formed.
      possible to run a six-week            With those 13 being the first members,
      course. Colin and a few others        they obviously wanted to do the job
      (the total was 13 – lucky for         right so they formed a committee.
                                            Colin was the first Secretary. They
      some!) were invited to complete       registered the club with the Charity
      the course.                           Commission and met on a monthly
                                            basis. They did the first sponsored

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