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Sales were down from £1184 to £492 a   the free telephone, internet and TV for
      decrease of £692. Revenue from collecting   patients) maintained their pricing as the
      boxes was down from £1670 to £1405 a   same as last year i.e. £36,819.95.
      decrease of £265 and income from small   There were some other large donations,
      change boxes was up from £364 to £469.   i.e. computer maintenance at £31,028,
      Overall, income has been marvellous
      considering the effects of the pandemic   Sleep services, licences and modules
      and the Take Heart Office being closed.   £62,000, informative patient booklets,
      Unfortunately, there was no annual trip   Christmas Staff amenity fund £4500,
                                            Christmas gifts for patients and the
      and the Take Heart shop in the Jubilee   wards £825.20, Aqua Rentals £8640 and
      Wing had to remain closed.
                                            other small items including some for the
      On the expenditure side, our cost of   relatives’ rooms.
      postage has decreased substantially – this   The refurbishment and maintenance of the
      is due in part to mail now being processed
      through the hospital’s mailing system.    roof garden is still under review.
      I don't know why we didn't do this before   Equipment for Take Heart was £1394.71
      as it saves having to hire a van to take the   (an increase of £970 on last year) and
      mailing of newsletters to the Post Office.   stationery costs were up by £529. Phones
      So now they are despatched with the LGI   and Hire were both down and expenses
      mail, but kept separated due to different   claims were up only slightly from £333.23
      costings.                             to £442.90 – this is only a small increase of
                                            £110 so it shouldn’t “break the bank”.
      We reduced the number of newsletters
      printed as, during the Covid pandemic,   Overall, with the large legacy donation we
      we were precluded from leaving        banked £404,451.82.
      newsletters in patient and public areas
      within the hospital. Also, we couldn’t leave   Finally, on a personal level, I would like to
      newsletters in various GP surgeries (which   thank my wife Edith for all the work she
      we have found to be a great way to raise   does for the Charity and me. She keeps me
      awareness of the Charity and its functions).     going and makes life easier whenever
      We have managed to resume packing     I work at home, making sure I have enough  agm
      newsletters together, although only a few   liquid refreshment. Thank you Edith.
      people can be accommodated in the room   As of Close of Business on 13/06/22 the
      (so the gossip isn't as good).        balance of the account stands at:
      There has been a reduction of equipment   Current Account         £1344.79
      purchased for the hospital (down from   Business Reserve Account    £518138.67
      £88318 last year), mainly due to the
      difficult circumstances of the times.    Total                 £519483.46
                                            Alec McLean
      We did manage to spend £233,442.71,
      Thankfully Hospedia (the provider of   Treasurer Take Heart.

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