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Treasurer Alec McLean who also works   articulated from the chief executive, Julian
      tirelessly for the charity and meticulously   Hartley, and chair, Linda Pollard, of the
      manages the books. Thanks also to     Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.
      Diane Horsman for collecting post from   Over the year, the patients and staff at
      the hospital wards and Edith McLean   the Yorkshire Heart Centre continue to
      for answering the phones; their admin
      support has been invaluable.          benefit from the good work provided by
                                            the charity. The Take Heart Suite goes
                                            from strength to strength and means we
      TRUSTEES RE-ELECTION                  are able to continue to deliver high quality
      All trustees were re-elected for a 2 year   care to patients. Although our scheme to
      period 2021-2023 so no re-elections were   refurbish the roof garden has been put on
      necessary this year. I am sorry that Trustee   hold for now, we will restart this project
      John Hemmingway has since resigned    as soon as we are able as we understand
      his post due to ill health, but we thank   how valuable this area is for patients, their
      him for all his contributions and wish him   visitors and staff alike.
      well in the future. We also welcomed a
      new trustee, Edith McLean, proposed by   Finally, I would like to say a big thank you
      Maureen Crosthwaite and seconded by   to all our members and supporters of Take
      Steph Kaufman.                        Heart, without which the charity would
                                            not be able to carry out its work.
      This year we also had the sad news that
      our chairman emeritus,Colin Pullan,   Gina McGawley
      passed away and share the condolences   Chairman

      Treasurer's  AGM  Report:


                             Good evening   I remember when Tom Morrish, our
                             Ladies and     solicitor telling me many years ago that
                             Gentlemen –    when the charity was 20 plus years old it
                             I would now    would start to benefit from legacies and he
                             like to advise   was perfectly correct.
                             you on our
                             ACCOUNTS       There was no actual Sponsored Walk
                             FOR THE        in 2021 and for the second year of the
                                            pandemic we held a virtual one. Whilst
                             PERIOD 1ST     there were less participants than last
                             February 2021
                             to the 31st    year, we still received £863. There was an
                             January 2022.  increase in donations arising from funerals
                                            and we received £28,568 against last year’s
                             The donations   amount of £19,111 (a difference of £9457).
      for this period were £372,611 against last   Alas, this year we were not able to hold a
      year’s total of £320,798, an increase of   quiz or Christmas Draw.
      £51,813 which is marvellous considering
      the pandemic. This includes a large legacy   New membership increased from 9 last
                                            year to 15 this year – only a small increase,
      of £227,500 from an estate, for which we
      are very grateful.                    but we still have a membership database in
                                            excess of 3200.
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