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      Since I last wrote to you we used      How are you all going on with Covid?
      Virgin Money Giving for a lot of our   We can now wander about in crowds
      donations but they decided to cease    with no masks on as the government
      handling donations for small charities   told us it was OK to do, but all at
      like Take Heart, so we are now using   once the numbers are going up again,
      Just Giving. I'm getting used to it but   probably not as bad as before but it's
      we used Virgin Money Giving for a      still around. China has been Covid
      number of years and I found it easy to   free for about six months now, they
      get into their system. I suppose it will   have some cases and the last I heard
      get easier for me and maybe in the     Scotland has the highest numbers and
      future I'll have forgotten everything   have had for some time. I'm keeping
      about Virgin and become an expert      an eye on this situation in Scotland,
      on Just Giving. That’s a laugh, you    because we are going there in April
      only need to ask Bill Stevenson or     for one weeks holiday. This has been
      Trevor Thompson about my 'expertise'   cancelled from 2 years ago so we are
      on the computer!                       keeping our fingers crossed.
      Talking about change I'm now going     Our Annual General Meeting is on
      to have to try out different Nat West   Monday the 13th of June. I'm not sure
      banks because the one in Pudsey,       where it will be as things are changing
      which I've used since I took this job   quickly, so it may be a ‘virtual
      on, closes on the 24th of March. I can   meeting’ again, this will be the last
      use the Greengates branch but at the   newsletter before the AGM is held.
      moment there is a lot of roadworks     I will be pleased when we are back to
      there and it just makes it a little bit   normal and start being able to meet
      awkward to park. Then there is the     our members again. I look forward to
      main branch in Bradford but I'll use   the afternoon teas being re-started –
      that as a last resort, for one thing   it's amazing how a good cuppa seems
      there isn't a bus direct to Bradford   to be able to solve most problems.
      from Rodley, so I may need to go
      into Leeds.

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