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      Dear Members

      It is with regret that I have to inform you that Colin Pullan MBE, our chairman
      emeritus for nearly 30 years, passed away at the Leeds General Infirmary on 7th
      April. It is a time of great sadness, I know many of you will have fond memories of
      Colin and we will miss him tremendously. Our thoughts are with his family at this
      difficult time. We will provide a tribute to Colin in our July newsletter.

      Welcome to spring, its lovely to see daffodils   some alignment between the two. Having
      in flower and despite the storms earlier this   been on the roof garden the other week
      year  we are  now  seeing  some  sunshine   (unfortunately in the rain!) we noted that
      and brighter days. It makes us think about   it overlooks the site of the new hospitals.
      spending more time outside and this links   As well as providing the ability for patients
      to our roof garden and providing an outside   and staff to sit outside, the roof garden,
      space to take advantage of the better   once reopened, will allow a great viewing
      weather. We recognise how this helps with   platform for the new hospitals and to see
      our mental health and well being which is   the progress being made over the coming
      so important for everyone.             years.
      To keep you all up to date we have had a   As always this work would not be possible
      number  of  meetings  with  architects  and   without the support of our members so
      landscape gardeners to progress our plan   thank you very much for your contributions.
      to  refurbish  the  roof garden.  The  garden   Best wishes and please continue to be as
      is currently not in use and we know how   safe as you can.
      much our staff and patients appreciate this
      so we are keen to start the work so we can   Best Wishes
      hopefully use this space by the summer
      The  meetings  have  been  helpful  and  we
      are working with the LGI gardening team
      as well as the architects working on the   Gina McGawley
      new hospitals being built so there is   Chairman

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