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Christmas Gifts


      Photo:  Helen  Rowbotham  Matron  for  Cardiology  and  Cardiac  Surgery,
      helping  deliver biscuits  to  patients  and  staff  on  Christmas  Day.
      Thanks  Helen.

      Many Thanks to Take Heart for the tea, coffee, biscuits and provisions at Christmas time
      from the Sisters and staff of the LGI Cardiac wards and St James Hospital.

      We are usually able to share photos of our Trustees delivering gifts over the Christmas
      period, this is one of the things our Trustees look forward to meeting patients and
      providing a small gift to cheer them up and make them feel a little better. However,
      although visiting and volunteers being able to attend the LGI is very limited, we are still
      managing to find a way to do this despite the covid restrictions.
      On Christmas Eve our chairman, Gina, and Matron, Helen, took gifts to each of our
      cardiac wards at LGI. We recognise how difficult it is for patients to be in hospital over
      the Christmas period, so we give every patient in cardiac beds on Christmas day a gift.
      These are in the form of toiletries gift sets or boxes of biscuits which our patients really
      Helen and Gina also distributed tea, coffee and chocolates for the staff working across
      the festive season as a small thanks to them for all their hard work and care they give to
      patients. We are sure you join us in recognising how hard they have worked throughout
      the year and how much this makes a difference to the patients they are looking after.

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