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Looks like someone is having emergency   General Infirmary and plays an essential
      treatment in the Cardiac Suite. Don’t worry   part in maintaining our clinical standards
      – it’s only Doug. He’s the Sim (simulated)   and commitment to excellence.
      Man donated by Take Heart which is used   Simulation-based learning helps to
      for training staff in a variety of realistic   develop health care professionals’
      simulations controlled by an operator at   knowledge, skills, attitudes and promotes
      panels of electronic wizardry.
                                            interdisciplinary teamwork. We have
      Jacky Walshaw, highly specialist Cardiac   numerous key trainers within our
      Physiologist, explains:               department now, who invest time and
      “On Doug’s 1st birthday we would like to   energy in helping to create a virtual reality
      express our gratitude to Take Heart for   curriculum.
      their generous donation.  Doug is a great   Many thanks.”
      asset to the Cardiac Catheter labs at Leeds
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