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SMILE!                                     HEADLINE THIS WEEK

                                                 FROM REPUTABLE IT

      GOODS FROM                                 PHISHING WARNING:
                                                 One in every one hundred emails is
                     ON THE                      now a hacking attempt and just one
                                                 mistake can compromise an entire
      INTERNET?                                  organisation.

                                                 Not just businesses of course, if you
      If, like most of the population, you do, may   are a trusting individual (and it’s
      we make you aware of a new facility which   generally a good trait) it is easy to be
      Amazon have recently started?              taken in by cleverly worded emails
      Instead of logging on to Amazon by using   and clicking in the ‘wrong’ place can you use this address:     install viruses on your computer or                     even encrypt all the files and photos
                                                 on your computer making it useless.
      you will be taken to the same web site but   The moral of the story is – if you
      you will be asked which charity you would   receive an email which worries you
      like to nominate.  Please say Take Heart!  and if you are not completely sure
      This will cost you nothing, but Amazon will   where it came from – delete it! If it
      donate half a percent of the total amount you   was genuine, they will get in touch
      spend to Take Heart. Doesn’t sound a lot, but   with you again – properly!
      think about how many Amazon customers      Bill Stevenson, Manager, IT
      there are who have heard of Take Heart
      and, potentially, this could add up to a lot of
      money donated by Amazon.
      If in future, you always log on at

      you will not be asked again to name a
      charity and everything you buy in future will
      automatically have a percentage paid to us by
      Amazon. However, if you log on without the
      ‘SMILE’ bit, nothing will be paid to us.
      Please pass this information on to your
      friends. Together, we’ll benefit more patients
      in the Heart Centre by taking a lot of money
      from Amazon…
      Many thanks, Bill

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