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      The Data Protection Act has been given more powers. I’m not surprised
      really because the way it has been used over the years has, perhaps, not
      protected people privacy as it might have. Firms have been selling files
      of people’s data and as a result we are constantly being bombarded with
      nuisance calls and “special offers by post”.

      ‘Why is he starting his report like this?’   donations received on line. The donation
      you may ask. Well Take Heart hold      lists in this newsletter are mostly
      basic information on our database and   complete.
      I receive further details when the Virgin   As the new ruling didn’t come into effect
      Money Giving site advises me of many   until very recently. I am writing this before
      on-line donations together with names   the Sponsored Walk has taken place so I
      and addresses and the amount given.    have no idea how successful the walk will
      At least, this used to be the system and   be. This year we had a small committee
      the lists were easy to work with and the   of our Trustees to organise the walk
      information was used for the on-line   as it is our 30  and we are hoping that
      donation lists you see in the Newsletter.
                                             the suggestions they have made will be
      The new system changes that. Now I only   reflected in the turnout and subsequently
      receive the amount, the first part of the   the amount raised. This and the Christmas
      postcode and any message that may have   Draw are the only fund raising events that
      been sent by the donor. No name - No   the charity have.
                                             We do of course, have many people who
      Now, when I compile the donation listings   fund raise on our behalf and we are very
      that appear in the newsletter, there may   grateful for the efforts they make for
      be several donations showing ‘Anon’ as   us, and also for all those who donate a
      the donor and from whichever area the   specific amount on a monthly  basis
      postcode may show; for example “from   Thank you all for the support given to our
      anon of BD13 £10.00”.
                                             lovely charity.
      I will of course, give as much detail as   Alec McLean
      I can and at the moment it only affects

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