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TAKE HEART Take Heart Christmas Cards
Buy them now online with Paypal. You don’t have to have an account - you can just pay with your credit or debit card When you have chosen an item, click on the arrow underneath it and choose how many you would like. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ which will take you to Paypal. To purchase, follow the instructions, but if you wish to order another item, click on “Continue Shopping” and you will come back to this page. Postage is added automatically. We can only post to the UK
POSTIE With the ‘Take Heart’ post van. Glitter on this card. Packet of 10 - £3.00
ROBIN IN THE SNOW Beautiful card with Take Heart details inside Packet of 10 - £3.00
STOCKING BY FIREPLACE With the Take Heart Logo on the sack Packet of 10 - £3.00
CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER Exceptional quality paper 6 sheets with 12 matching gift tags with gold loops £2.00 per packet
The message inside all the cards With every good wish for Christmas and the New Year”
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How many Items?
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