The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
Hi My name is Adam Kirk and I am the partner of Lisa Gibson, who is the Senior Sister on one of the cardiology wards at Leeds General Infirmary. This will be my third marathon, but will be extra special as it’s my first London Marathon, and I thought it was a good opportunity to raise money for a very worthy local cause and a charity that had a closer connection to me than some of the larger national charities. From reading about the work you do on your website, and what I have also heard from Lisa, I can see that you are a fantastic organisation and one well worth supporting! My training is progressing nicely and I feel like I’m on target for a sub-3 hour time all being well – 2:50 is the ultimate target!! I've attached a couple of photos from recent events. I’m hoping to continue receiving sponsors up to and beyond the race date – 28 th April – and fingers crossed I can reach a nice total for you! Thanks Adam Kirk Thank you Adam – We are delighted that you are doing this for us. Please support Adam by logging into his Virgin Donation page at