The Charity of the Yorkshire Heart Centre
As you may know from reading the last newsletter, due to ill health, I was unable to take part in the opening of the new Take Heart Cardiac Suite in the Cath Labs at Ward 14 on E Floor LGI. Since then I have been able to go round the new area and have a chat with some staff, patients and relatives who were enthralled by it. The staff say that the lounge has made a much more pleasant area and enabled a quicker throughput of patients. The patients and relatives told me how much they all feel more relaxed and this has helped them by having a much less stressful wait. Although the planning has taken a long time to bring to fruition, I send my congratulations to everyone who helped in any way. I truly feel that this is the best thing the charity has ever done and is worth every penny of our funds. May I also say a big thank you for all the lovely gifts, cards and moving letters I have received from staff members, trustees and members after standing down as chairman, but I know that I have left the charity in good hands and am grateful to still be a trustee and able to help in any way I can. My very best wishes to you all. Colin Pullan, MBE Chairman Emeritus
Thank you